Nuclear Strike

A huge 288 shot Roman Candle Fantastic colours with a finale battery. This firework is like an M16 going off in your own back yard. The Nuclear Strike will make the ideal end to your firework display.

This firework lasts about 90 seconds.  £45.00

Judgement Day

500 Shot round barrage with great colours of Red Pearl, Blue Pearl, Silver Pearl followed with Silver Palm Trees, Green Peony and Red Peony. Lots of great sound effects reaching heights of over 240 feet. Lasts about 180 seconds.  £50.00

14mm Fantasy Firework Selection

5 Mini Roman Candle fireworks with 8 shots in each make a great start to any firework display. £6.50

Ultimate Finale

Big bore 76 Shot barrage reaching heights of 260ft. Starting with large single shots of Multi-coloured peonies, going into rapid Z firing to single shots ending in a finale of double burst Z firing and multi-coloured sky filling bursts. £85.00

Medium Colourful Sparklers

10 inch colourful sparklers great for any occasion. There are 5 in a pack. Burn time about 20 seconds.


              Large Colourful Sparklers

 18 inch colourful sparklers great for any occasion. There are 4 in  a pack. Burn time about 40 seconds.


Patriot Missile's

A spectacular climax is guaranteed with this bundle of 27 rockets including more than ten different effects. Ensure this pack is let off with all your friends and family and wait for the rapturous applause after an unforgettable evening's party.What great value 27 Rockets for £35.00

                                                                                                                   Aerial Attack

18 of the best rockets available in one magnificent pack and eight different effects to ensure this is a real winner with all the family. Great for any firework display. What great value 18 Rockets for £25.00

Colourful Comet's

9 striking rockets - fantastic value and super effects to enthral any family gathering for a special night of magic. Great for any firework party. What great value 9 Rockets for £15.00

screaming Banshee

 200 Shot round cake with great colours Red, Silver and Purple different effects throughout with screaming and whistling reaching heights of over 100 feet. Great for any garden display. Lasts about 90 seconds.£20.00

Screaming Demons

200 Shot round cake with great colours Green, Red, Orange and Silver tails a few bangs and some screams. Reaching heights of over 100 feet. Lasts about 90 seconds. £20.00

Rainbow Sky

200 Shot round cake with great colours Silver Pearl, Yellow Pearl with crackling tails and Green strobes. Some bangs not loud and lots of crackling. Reaching heights of over 100 feet. Great for any garden. Lasts about 90 seconds £20.00

Imperial Fountain

The classic large firework sparkle fountains; they are huge. They last for a long time and provide entertainment without the noise that you normally associate with a firework display. These Fountains are sold individually. Great Value at £10.00 each

 Ultimate Fear 4 inch Mine

This is the Ultimate Fear in fireworks; it has colour and noise with nearly 120 Decibels of pure Testosterone probably the loudest firework in the UK. We deal the only importer of this firework in the UK.


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